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iPhone Forensics
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The iPhone is a very useful tool, but you should be aware of some very important things.  The iPhone is essentially a
full-fledged computer, running a slimmed down version of the Unix operating system and Apple's Leopard.  Like most
mainstream operating systems, deleting a file only deletes the reference to the data, and not the actual data.  This is
why data recovery programs work.  For the iPhone, the same is also true, but in addition, the amount of data stored on the iPhone extends far beyond what is perceived to be stored on it or what is accessible through its user interface.  This data is, however, accessible with the tools and procedures our firm applies. 

A person might attempt to delete all of the data he/she thinks exists on the phone but, in most cases, will have only made it inaccessible to the average person.  A person, especially of criminal mind, might also think simple security, such as a passcode, will safeguard self-incriminating evidence from the police, or maybe breach of trust in divulging company trade secrets, or the cheating spouse, and so on.  However, the highly intense PROVEN forensic procedural algorithm we use is by far from average.  The methods we employ are the same as used by two-hundred top law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Company/Business iPhone Forensics Needs 
If your staff conducts business with an iPhone, you need to know how to recover, analyze, and securely destroy
sensitive data.  Our firm can do that and more by conducting this complete and highly specialized forensic analysis 
of the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch.

For all Legal Purposes, our Analysis will Help You:

Determine types of data stored on the device 

Break v1.x and v2.x passcode-protected iPhones to gain access to the device

Build a custom recovery toolkit for the iPhone

Interrupt iPhone 3G's "secure wipe" process

Conduct data recovery of a v1.x and v2.x iPhone user disk partition, and preserve and recover the entire raw use disk partition.

Recover deleted voicemail, images, email, and other data using data-carving techniques

Recover geotagged metadata from the camera photos

Discover Google map lookups, typing cache, and other data stored on the live filesystem

Extract contact information from the iPhone's database

Use different recovery strategies based on case needs

Yes, we are also available to qualify as experts to testify in court proceedings to our findings 
Phone Monitoring Analysis
Similar to iPhone Forensics but much simpler, we use our fully legal proprietary methods to examine and test
the phone for any electronic eavesdropping/monitoring activities. 

The client sends us their phone and we complete a full comprehensive test and inspection of the device including but not limited to proper levels of current flow, and other tests/measures as needed. 

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